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Social Media Marketing

Websites that post content regularly get 8 times traffic

RightTech offers a new take on an ever-evolving marketing age. As a modern consulting firm, the company is focused on digital transformation and intelligence. Our mission is to help you make the paradigm shift from then to now by putting your business on the map in the Digital Age. We listen, collaborate, and deliver a tailored approach towards meeting your company’s goals and objectives.


Our full suite of marketing and creative services advocates a customized, omnichannel, and data-driven marketing strategy resulting in unparalleled digital intelligence, business insights, and game-changing ideas. RightTech can do much more than simply capturing leads and traffic. With a blend of machine-learning technology and astute marketing methods, we produce revolutionary business insights and unlock un-accessed opportunities.


RightTech team is equipped to monitor and identify market trends in order to leverage industry opportunities – all of which allows us to help our clients thrive in a dynamic marketplace

Content marketing cost 41% less than paid search ads but gives 5 times the results.

Digital social media

Social Media Consultancy

If you want to kickstart or enhance your social media appearance and build a community of followers who identify with your brand and resonate with your brand, our experts know just the right ways to reach them through content marketing. Our intellectual content team along with the sublime designers and developers excels at putting our clients’ narratives with originality and conceptuality. We first understand your requirements and then plan, execute and optimize your Social Media Marketing.

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Social Media Strategy

1. Setting up realistic goals. Increase your brand awareness by

  • Content emphasizing personality/values.

  • Generating leads and sales

  • Grow brand’s audience with keywords & hashtags 

  • Boost community engagement and use of influencer marketing

  • Drive traffic to site & convert them to lead

​2. Research target audience using data and social media analytics tools for different channels.

​3. Establish most important metrics and KPIs
We use a data-driven social media strategy. 

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Content Development, Posting & Reviewing

1. Create & curate engaging content like memes, product photos, user-generated content, Stories, time-sensitive posts, Short-form videos, Posts that show your human side for comprehensive targeting. Analyze competition & build content that stands out.

2. Make a social presence as timely as possible and engage with the audience immediately.

3. Assess what’s working, what isn’t using the best tracking solutions and  to keep widen your audience pool.

Meetup Event

Event Promotion

The right attention to detail and timely execution is all it takes to make any event successful. One needs to have a strategy in place that focuses on attracting the right audience and targeted consumers. This is where Social Eyes, a social media marketing agency, comes into the picture. We strive with a detailed event marketing promotion strategy that also works as advertising services for the client.

Unveil your brand's true potential with Digital Transformation

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Photography & Videography

We turn insights into ideas prepare strategy, script & produce and market it at the right channels in order to grab attention of the target audience. We marry insight-driven ideas with data-driven promotions to create heart-touching digital films that ultimately drive business results

Our team of Media Creators incorporate professional photographers & videographers who can add value to your presence by capturing high-resolution images/videos and engaging your online audience. With years of experience in aesthetically capturing people and products, our professional team can majorly highlight your commodity details.

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Strategic Consultancy

The center of Marketing Communications has shifted from television commercials and newspaper ads to digital platforms such as YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn or to OTTs and digital publishers.
With over 55 crore internet users in India and in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, digital is at the heart of the media consumption for many. For brands that have been focusing on traditional marketing channels, making this transition can be challenging but we’re here to enable you to do this quickly and smoothly for impactful results. We first understand your business, goals, customers, set targets and apply the necessary restructuring for digital transformation.